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Overkill's The Walking Dead - Update 1.1.1...
Autor : ASTERIX1978 | 01.12.2018
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Overkill's The Walking Dead - Update 1.0.7...
Autor : ASTERIX1978 | 24.11.2018
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Overkill's The Walking Dead - Update 1.0.6...
Autor : ASTERIX1978 | 24.11.2018
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Montag 07. 03. 2016 - 08:26 Uhr - The Division Day 1 - Patch Notes

Tom Clancys The Division 1.01

Nach dem Erfolg der geschlossenen und offenen Betas und das überwältigende Feedback das wir von Ihnen allen erhalten haben hat unser Team hart daran gearbeitet, eine Menge Probleme zu beheben und weitere Verbesserungen auf Ihre Vorschläge auf Basis umzusetzen. Werfen Sie einen Blick auf einige der wichtigsten Änderungen, die seit der Open Beta hinzugefügt wurden.


Now displays as a grid making it much easier to browse items
"Outfit Sets" option added to quickly equip all the items in a set
"Inspect" feature added


Fixed several lights that did not cast global illumination
Fixed missing volumetric lights on traffic lights
Illuminated signs now cast actual light
Improved atmospheric haze in several time and weather combinations
Improved night time lighting and contrast
Adjusted exaggerated rim light shader on characters
Improved car window reflections
Improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) to be more pronounced


New "Mission Overview" has been added to the Mega Map
Contaminated zones will now display the required filter level on the Mega Map
Field data with audio will automatically play when you pick them up
If you start listening to field data with audio from the menu, you can keep listening outside the menu
Subtitles added for all Field Data that play audio
Mission entrance menu usability has been improved
Significantly increased the number of crafting materials obtained from loot crates
The icon for landmarks in the Dark Zone has been changed and now indicates if non-player enemies are present or not


New "Help" menu is now available in the Settings menu. It stores all the loading screen and context sensitive tips
New tutorials added for certain gameplay features and mechanics (these can be switched off in the Options menu)
Added information to the in-game loot pickup UI that displays why an item can't be picked up
The deployable turret no longer targets non-rogue players and doesn't damage neutral players caught in the line of fire
Skill modifiers have been added directly to gear (previously only available on gear mods)


Fixed glitches that could be exploited by players to gain an unfair advantage in the game (such as invisibility, shooting through walls, etc).
Extended server-side checks to detect any illegal actions from the game client, limit their impact in the game and track down the perpetrators.
Fixed an issue on character select screen that resulted in getting stuck with a specific combination of inputs
Fixed a progression blocking issue caused by accepting a group invite at a specific moment during the Base of Operations unlock sequence
Players will no longer return all the way back to start screen after creating or logging in to their Ubisoft Club account
Fixed remaining bugs that prevented log-in attempts when non-essential services were offline
Overall stability increased
Further backend improvements and optimizations
Localization adjustments and bug fixes
Additional minor bug fixes and polish


NDA Forum

Geschrieben von ASTERIX1978
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Donnerstag 25. 02. 2016 - 19:44 Uhr - Killing Floor 2 Update 1024



Removed the Any setting from difficulty selection in the matchmaker
Change to Parry skill, now does a minimum of 1 damage


Fixed Gunslinger Rack Em Up UI persisting after death
Fixed Patriarch not having death messages
Fixed map voting not being properly disabled if turned off in web admin
Fixed some analytics data that was not reporting properly
Fixed spectate camera not being updated to the viewing position when switching back and forth between spectating players and free roaming
"Fanfare" perk skill (was doing 5X instead of the 3X) has been corrected
Shoot N' Scoot will now indeed reduce your weapon bob when moving in iron sights instead of increasing it
Fixed being able to access key bindings when using a controller
Fixed burn effect not working on scrake apron
Fixed grenades not getting passive extra damage - Support perk
Fixed Leg Shots perk now affects all weapons
Fixed Center Mass now affects all weapons
Fix to the demos explosion resistance passive - it should now be working properly.
Updated text on the following skills to accurately reflect in-game effects: Shoot n Scoot, Leg Shots, Center Mass, Airborne Agent, ZED Shrapnel, Furious Defender, and Spartan.

While not in this update we have been making progress with both the modding workshop and Flex high settings. The workshop is waiting for a Steam client update to roll out to address an issue before we release the upload tool and allow subscriptions (the code is already in game!).

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