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Autor: ASTERIX1978 Verfasst am 24. 11. 2018
Overkill's The Walking Dead - Update 1.0.7 Patch

Patch Size: 419.9 MB


Added a "Remove walkers from elevator" message to the elevator in 'Last Stop'
Fixed an issue in 'Last Stop' that caused the elevator fail to play sounds
Made sure the elevator in 'Last Stop' followed the same rules as in 'Listening In' where you are allowed to close the elevator doors even if there are walkers inside
Fixed an issue in 'Last Stop' that wouldn't let the players use the elevator if one or more players were waiting to respawn after death
Fixed an issue in ‘Last Stop’ where solo players would respawn at the start of the mission after dying close to the extraction area
Fixed an issue in ‘Open Season’ where Reina could get in trouble when trying to jump down off one of the trucks


Added a missing image in the Camp Upgrades menu
Fixed an issue that could cause the crafting menu to not appear properly, instead only showing the black band
Fixed an issue causing Bridger's Falco Knife to be unobtainable (lore item reward)
Fixed an issue where existing Skybound Insiders would not be able to claim their bonus skins
Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze in the loading screen after missions for clients


Fixed an issue that made the Team Player achievement unobtainable.
Fixed an issue in Camp Defense levels where Brigade soldiers could get stuck in cover and stop attacking the players


Recently purchased Camp Upgrades should no longer be reverted if the game crashes
Fixed several crashes thanks to community reports